Finishing School *Summer 2020 Discount*

$750 for a full manuscript review – save $150 off $900 price!

July and August 2020 only

Use the summer to finish your book!


new product: The Truth Talks

A one-hour Zoom conversation in which I use special feedback techniques to help you find your story. Time and time again it is during a conversation that the truth–the theme, the central question, the core concern that is not yet on the page–comes out. In these talks, I read your work first, then we talk and I listen and take notes and play back to you what I hear. Use it as a one-time check-in on a piece or a book-length manuscript, or to book-end the longer editing or manuscript review process.

One hour Zoom Truth Talk = $125

Manuscript Review

$900 includes:

Feedback on up to 300 pages of prose, including plot, structure, narrative arc, story, voice, tone, sentences, pacing, clarity + conversation via Skype or phone until you are on a clear path.

* For Lesley alumni and affiliates: $750


The story you choose to tell is the life you choose to live.

— Sandra Scofield, novelist

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